Wearable SDKs Overview at AWE 2014

At this year'sAugmented World Expo, I gave a talk on the currently available wearables and wearable SDKs. This talk expands uponmy talk from last year on Mobile AR SDKs.

This year was a truly exciting one for the augmented world, as we finally saw the release of several wearables in the digital eyewear / smart glasses space, including stereo see-through glasses such as the Moverio BT-200 from Epson. The sessions this year were top-notch, the expo hall was brimming with awesome new hardware and software, and it was a real pleasure to be there presenting again alongside all of the other excellent speakers.

In the talk, I outlined what capabilities each device has, what the vendor SDK provides, and what 3rd-party SDKs are available for each. I also tried to point out the current limitations of each of the devices or the wearable SDKs available to develop for them.

Wearables Covered

Wearable SDKs Covered