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Patched Reality FLAR Framework

Patched Reality FLAR Framework v0.1 release

Today I’m announcing the first public availability of an application framework I’ve been developing that complements FLARToolkit and FLARManager, and makes it possible to rapidly produce Flash augmented reality applications. This past year I spent many many hours with FLARToolkit and  Eric Socolofsky’s excellent FLARManager.  FLARManager makes the overall FLARToolkit configuration much simpler, especially if you want to mirror the […]


SAP EcoHub augmented reality project launched

I just finished developing a new augmented reality experience for SAP, to promote the SAP EcoHub during the Sapphire 09 conference in Orlando, FL this week.  The project was a collaboration between myself, Ori Inbar of Games Alfresco, and Seventh, Inc.  I programmed it, Ori produced it, and Seventh, Inc created the 3D artwork. The […]


Added support for multiple animation clips in Collada models in Papervision3D

On my current FLARToolkit project (release soon!), I needed the ability to trigger more than one animation for a Collada file.  No problem, I figured, I’ll just use the convenient method.  Unfortunately, I discovered that the implementation of that method didn’t make use of the “optional” clip name: /** * Plays the animation. * […]