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Wearable SDKs Overview at AWE 2014

At this year’s Augmented World Expo, I gave a talk on the currently available wearables and wearable SDKs. This talk expands upon my talk from last year on Mobile AR SDK’s. This year was a truly exciting one for the augmented world, as we finally saw the release of several wearables in the digital eyewear / smart glasses space, including stereo see-through […]



Patched Reality interviewed on AR Dirt Podcast Episode 16

If you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to Joseph Rampola’s AR Dirt Podcast, you’re really missing out. Coming from a cyber crimes law enforcement background, Joseph brings a unique perspective to augmented reality’s potential dark side, but he is also a tireless advocate for the positive promise of AR. The podcast always features the latest […]


Augmented Space Exploration

Augmented Space Exploration Exhibit Opens November 19th, 2011

If you’re going to be in New York between November 19th and August 12th, download the Beyond Planet Earth Augmented Reality app developed by Patched Reality onto your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad 2, and stop by a certain museum that specializes in natural history (Map). The exhibit itself is stunning – Gizmodo calls it a […]


Ben and Jerry's Moo Vision

Ben and Jerry’s Moo Vision Markerless Augmented Reality for iPhone

Ben & Jerry’s “Moo Vision” has now been available for two weeks (via iTunes), and its been great to see the reaction.  Here are some quotes, movie poster style: “a must try for ice cream fans” - Augmented Planet “Ben & Jerry’s iPhone App Gets Even More Psychedelic with Augmented Reality” – Mashable “Ben & Jerry’s […]


Will Wright tries out the Five Live of Criss Angel Game developed by Patched Reality.

Five Lives of Criss Angel Augmented Reality Experience Launched

This was a fun project to put together. It’s somewhat unique in the increasingly crowded field of FLARToolkit-based marketing applications out there, as it makes use of the pan, tilt, and roll of the marker as inputs to a game.  For this project, I decided to give the FLARManager a try, mostly for its pretty […]


Patched Reality FLAR Framework

Patched Reality FLAR Framework v0.1 release

Today I’m announcing the first public availability of an application framework I’ve been developing that complements FLARToolkit and FLARManager, and makes it possible to rapidly produce Flash augmented reality applications. This past year I spent many many hours with FLARToolkit and  Eric Socolofsky’s excellent FLARManager.  FLARManager makes the overall FLARToolkit configuration much simpler, especially if you want to mirror the […]


Parrot unveils AR.Drone iPhone-controlled quadricopter

Okay.  Here is something I didn’t predict would come out in 2010 – a carbon fiber quadricopter AR input device and gaming platform for the iPhone.  Why wait for Apple to open up their camera API, when you can slap one onto a self-stabilizing 4-propeller geeks’ dream toy?  The clever folks at Parrot and int13 […]


Augmented Reality in 2010

My general outlook for next year is that more focus will be paid to utility and entertainment uses of AR, and less focus will be paid to AR as marketing gimmick. Augmented Reality for home shopping will explode. See-through eyewear will still be out of reach of the average consumer. Augmented reality will raise consumer consciousness. Smartphones will ship with two video cameras. Games, games, and more games.


US Postal Service makes practical use of augmented reality

This is one of the best uses of FLARToolkit that I have seen to-date. I’m glad to see people making use of AR to solve actual problems, and not solely for the wow factor. You can’t get much more un-wow than a USPS priority mail box, but a simple app like this could help make […]