Founded in 2009, Patched Reality has developed over a dozen desktop and mobile augmented reality experiences, for such brands as Pepsi, Ben and Jerry’s, Red Bull, HBO, PBS/Henson, A&E, Cisco, and the J. Paul Getty Museum.


 Patrick O’Shaughnesse LinkedIn Profile

Patrick O’Shaughnessey, Founder and Chief Developer
Patrick has been captivated by the promise of augmented reality since he first saw it depicted in a sketch on the wall of the UNC graphics lab in 1994, and thoroughly enjoys applying 20 years of software engineering experience to developing augmented reality software. Prior to founding Patched Reality, Patrick was VP of Software Development at The Electric Sheep Company, an online virtual worlds and casual game production and technology company.  Patrick’s specialties include augmented reality, virtual worlds, video games, social networking, iPhone/iPad and Flash development, and agile project management.

Email: patrick@patchedreality.com

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