Five Lives of Criss Angel Augmented Reality Experience Launched

This was a fun project to put together. It’s somewhat unique in the increasingly crowded field of FLARToolkit-based marketing applications out there, as it makes use of the pan, tilt, and roll of the marker as inputs to a game.  For this project, I decided to give the FLARManager a try, mostly for its pretty decent smoothing algorithm.  The game wouldn’t be much fun to play if the playing field was jumping around sporatically.

The game takes a bit of concentration to play, since the game piece always levitates upward (like Criss Angel, get it?), instead of what one’s sense of gravity would expect.  But once you get the hang of it, some of the trickier levels towards the end are a lot of fun to play (my favorite is level four).

I programmed the gameplay, 3D rendering, and Facebook/high score integration, and Matt Dominianni provided the level design and programmed many of the UI screens.  The application was produced by for the A&E Television Network.

You can play the game at the official Criss Angel site here: Five Lives of Criss Angel Augmented Reality Experience.


  1. [...] were used to develop the game, then here is link to one of the developers home pages. [...]

  2. Brian Brinkworth says:

    Wow, that’s cool. Keep em coming, Shags. The AR future is nearly here. Even worked with the little cam in my Macbook Air.